Alfredo Perez

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Artist Statement

"My paintings are a vibrant patchwork of negative and positive spaces speaking to a number of personal and social issues including freedom, justice, and equality. They are both figurative and abstract. All having  narratives, although not always immediately clear." - Alfredo Perez

About the Artist

Alfredo Perez has lived in Miami his entire life and is of Cuban decent. He comes from a family whose forefathers practiced in Afro/Cuban religion called Lucumi/Yoruba. This melding of not only religions, but of people and social classes is an important reason for the density and variety of Afro/Cuban elements in his artwork. Being a native Miamian adds to the brew a flavor on a regional level that only south florida can offer.

His newest series is etched oil on canvas. A finely textured/etched/raised surface of oil coats on canvas, that once cured is reminiscent to the wood and marble carvings/etchings of African artisans.The subject-matter is drawn from the realm of memory, imaginative fantasy and even the irrational, often in a whimsical or humorous quality, containing images of playfully distorted animal forms, twisted organic shapes, deconstructed flags and/or symbols and odd geometric constructions.

Exhibits & Shows

More details coming soon.