Bianca Pratorius

Love It

Artist Statement

"The ability to recognize pattern is one of the most complex activities of the human mind. In our modern day world our individual pattern recognition systems allow us to make decisions by classifying incoming information and separating relevant from irrelevant on a second to second basis. In my work I explore pattern, repetition and structure through the use of simple yet labor- intensive processes." - Bianca Pratorius

About the Artist

Bianca was born in Cologne, Germany in 1969. She completed a three year program at the Holzfachschule Koeln focusing on cabinetry building and furniture design and subsequently moved to Miami where she attended International Fine Arts College. She now lives and works in the Miami area.

Exhibits & Shows

More information coming soon.


561 NW 32nd St Studio #16
Miami, FL 33127

Phone: (305) 793-4611

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