Carol Adrianza

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Artist Statement

"I always perform a previous study of the subjects I represent. Each of my subjects have a special connection and a reason for being chosen, ''an attachment''. Always trying to enlighten the understanding of fashion and style through my creations." - Carol Adrianza

About the Artist

Miami-based artist Carol Adrianza was born in Venezuela. Crafting a distinct artistic vision out of her differing interests in pop, contemporary art, classicism, expressionism and post neo dada movement. Her work embraces new materials and methods incorporating diverse strategies that included painting, collage, abstraction to name a few.

Carol continually enlightens our understanding of the fashion through her creations. Adrianza continuous her studies with the renowned Italian maestro “Roberto Altmann” in the quaint town of Sestri Levanti, Italy. Adrianza’s evolution is striking from early work (mostly) in black and white, her journey has brought about a maturity with color and form. She has produced a successful marriage, a paradox of sorts, between graphic and abstract.

Exhibits & Shows

Libero solo exhibition at The Art Space


7610 NE 4th Ct. Suite #105
Miami, FL 33138

Phone: (305) 965-4438

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