ARTECHOUSE, a pioneer in innovative, experiential art and the leading contemporary art space dedicated exclusively to technology-based art, was the perfect setting for Lieberman's exploration of the convergence of art and technology. Through a series of installations, Lieberman, along with his MIT Media Lab students, invited visitors to let their imaginations run wild in the realm of modern technology.

The exhibition, "Future Sketches / Code Poems," was a love letter to the fields of animation, interaction, and computation. It celebrated the beauty of code and the limitless possibilities it offered in the world of art. For Lieberman, code was not just a tool; it was a medium for self-expression, a canvas on which he painted his thoughts, emotions, and ideas.

As the exhibition's VIP and media preview approached on December 5, anticipation was building among art enthusiasts and technology aficionados. This exclusive preview promised a sneak peek into Lieberman's world of creative coding and digital artistry. Those lucky enough to attend would witness firsthand the fusion of technology and art, where lines of code transformed into mesmerizing visual and auditory experiences.

The exhibition would open its doors to the public on December 6, 2023, and run through May 2024, providing an immersive journey into the future of art. General admission tickets were available, starting at $25 for adults and $17 for children ages 4-15. Children under 4 could explore the exhibition for free. Florida residents were in for a special treat, with a $5 discount off admission tickets from Monday to Friday (proof of residency required).

"Future Sketches / Code Poems" was more than just an art exhibition; it was an invitation to explore the poetic side of technology, where lines of code became verses, and algorithms danced to the rhythm of creativity. It was a testament to the limitless possibilities of modern technology when guided by the boundless imaginations of artists like Zach Lieberman.

As Miami Beach prepared to host this groundbreaking event, ARTECHOUSE stood at the forefront of a new era in art—a fusion of technology, creativity, and poetry. It was an opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in a world where computation and art converged, redefining the boundaries of human expression. The future of art was here, and it was waiting to be explored at ARTECHOUSE's "Future Sketches / Code Poems" exhibition.



736 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139